facilitating transformative change

Erolin Solutions works with clients to get the best out of teams.  Effective teams form the heart of every successful organisation, but team management and development is one of the hardest challenges faced by leaders and managers.

We provide:

 Team effectiveness assessment

 Group or team facilitation

 Training and development

 Group or team conflict resolution


Approaches to team building or team development vary significantly.  Careful assessment is therefore critical to the success of any team intervention.  Commonly employed interventions often fail due to the lack of clear understanding of the current team dynamics.  At Erolin Solutions, we work closely with clients to gain a clear understanding of the issues facing the team.

Our approach is grounded on the transformative model of team development.  We go beyond looking at the problems to be resolved by the team.  We focus on facilitating and improving team communication and dynamics in order for the team to find their own solutions and build sustainable working relationships for the future.