facilitating transformative change

At Erolin Solutions, we work with organisations to build and sustain inclusive work and educational environments.  Inclusion allows individuals to maximise their potential, achieve higher performance and achieve organisational goals.


The ability to work effectively with diversity or 'differences that make a difference', is critical to creating inclusive practices, teams and organisations.


We work with clients by providing:

 Strategic consulting - diversity analysis and assessment, strategic development and planning, and programme implementation.

 Coaching and mentoring - support for programmes such as Employee Support Networks and Diversity Councils, and coaching and mentoring for leaders and managers, diversity specialists and human resources staff.

 Learning and development - bespoke guidance and training in various areas such as:

• Managing diversity

• Inclusive leadership

• Cultural and intercultural competence

• Harassment Prevention, Equality Act and legal compliance

• Diversity in hiring and selection

• Equality analysis or impact assessments

• Positive Action (or Affirmative Action)

• Train the trainers or facilitators