facilitating transformative change

Erolin Solutions helps individuals, teams and organisations work effectively with differences and conflict in the workplace.  We work with clients prevent destructive conflict and ensure that differences are handled constructively.

We provide:

 Conflict coaching


 Facilitated dialogues

 Team conflict resolution

 Training and development


We are all too familiar with the negative side of conflict -- heated exchanges spiralling out of control or avoidance of differences leading to unresolved issues.  The direct costs to organisations are well documented.


On the positive side, conflicts allow us to air important issues; they produce new and creative ideas; they release built-up tensions.  Handled properly, conflicts can strengthen relationships.  They can help groups and organisations re-evaluate and clarify goals, and they can also initiate social change to eliminate inequities and injustice.


These positives suggest that conflict is normal and healthy, and they underscore the importance of understanding and handling differences and conflict effectively.


Erolin Solutions has extensive experience working with individuals, teams and organisations get "unstuck" and moving towards common goals.  We specialise in helping clients resolve conflicts related to culture and social identities such as race and ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation and other "protected characteristics" as defined by UK and US laws.